EPIC Pricing System™

Electrical material pricing service & software.

EPIC (Electronic Pricing Information and Catalogs) is your tool for instant, realistic pricing information for over a two million items. The EPIC Pricing System from Vision InfoSoft is the premier pricing service for electrical and plumbing contractors. Available since 1995, the EPIC Pricing System was first developed for electrical contractors and has thousands of subscribers countrywide.

Electrical Database

Pricing and descriptions on over 2 million electrical items make up the EPIC Pricing material pricing database. Rarely used items, common items and newer items like solar LEDs are all included.

The EPIC Pricing Team

Our in-house pricing and data editing team fight the never ending battle of price fluctuation. They maintain partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and customers across the nation.  We update over 520,000 items and add over 75,000 items each month.

Software Integration

EPIC updates your estimating and billing software pricing. You'll save time maintaining your pricing.  Minimize the need to rely on one supplier's pricing data.

Trade vs. Target Price

EPIC includes both Trade and Target pricing.  Trade is the "suggested retail" price while Target is an average benchmark price you'd expect to pay at your supplier.

Your Distributor's Pricing

Your local suppliers can provide a "custom price file" (CPF) that can be imported into EPIC.  Use the imported prices and EPIC will fill in any blanks.  You can also compare your supplier's pricing to the EPIC Target Price benchmark.

EPIC Add-ons

DUO: Daily Update Option - daily updates on your commodity item pricing.

Catlynx: PDF catalog pages for over 600,000 electrical item.  Review specs or use for submittals.

Catlynx™ - Catalog Pages

Catlynx adds the ability to instantly view catalog pages of items in your EPIC Pricing System software with a single click.

  • Access over 600,000 catalog items through EPIC.
  • Catalogs from over 250 manufacturers
  • Instantly print submittal sheets for bids
  • Review item specifications

Extras For EPIC Pricing System

Add-on: DUO - Daily Update Option

Delivers daily Target and Trade price updates to your computer over the Internet. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that the prices of your most commonly purchased items are always current.

DUO prices are primarily based on actual prices paid by electrical contractors at suppliers.

Add-on: Catlynx - Manufacturer catalogs on the Internet

Catlynx adds the ability to instantly view catalog pages of items in your EPIC Pricing System software with a single click. Access over 600,000 catalog items through EPIC.

Pricing Subscription Frequency Options

We offer multiple update frequency options.

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly 
  • Monthly (most popular)
  • Twice-Monthly 
  • Weekly

Our most popular option is Monthly updates with DUO and Catlynx.

Training Webinars

We host monthly webinars that cover everything from the basics to advanced best practices for using EPIC Pricing Service. Call us to learn more and sign up. (800) 258-7752

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