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Plumbing Bid Manager™

Plumbing estimating software for all size companies. Bid small to million dollar jobs with our flexible database, takeoff modules and bid proposals.

Since 1993, plumbing contracting firms have chosen Plumbing Bid Manager for their plumbing estimating software needs. We have plumbing contractors that do the estimating themselves all the way up to companies using our plumbing estimating software with 6+ estimators. Plumbing estimating software will help you win more profitable jobs in less time.

Vision also offers plumbing estimating software add-ons, training, and support.

Custom Assemblies

Speeds takeoff by combining multiple items pre-built into an assembly. During takeoff, easily create assemblies on the fly. Helps count every last bolt and screw.

Professional Proposals

Create professionally formatted, organized bid proposals. Use your custom logo and messaging. Include as much bid detail as required.

EPIC Pricing Data

Manage your estimating database with EPIC Pricing. With over 900,000 plumbing items, EPIC helps you add your specific vendors and brands of items. Update your material pricing and eliminate costly pricing errors. 

Plumbing Plan Takeoff

Takeoff straight from your digital plans using your Plumbing Bid Manager database.

Bid Analysis

Built-in reporting lets you review and modify non-productive labor, job expense, and subcontracts. Also view profit and overhead categories totals. Reporting tools help you take your bids to the next level.

Takeoff Modules

Specialized takeoff modules, based on the type of material or system, does the heavy lifting so you focus on the takeoff.

Extras For Plumbing Bid Manager

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