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Version Comparison

Electrical Bid Manager™

Takeoff modules (# of built-in modules) 13 13 17
Ability to link with PlanSwift*
Ability to link with On-Screen Takeoff*
Takeoff breakdown levels 5 5 5
Wire types available with each conduit/wire takeoff 7 7 7
Conduit wire-fill warnings
Customized default takeoff settings for speedier takeoffs
Job notes attached to each takeoff
'On the Fly' material price and labor adjustment
Labor column selection can be unique for each item
Labor column wizard creates 3 new labor columns
Residential Takeoff Module
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Audit Trail STANDARD
$Call for best pricing.
$Call for best pricing.
$Call for best pricing.
Advanced substitution
Undo button for rolling back changes
Sort the audit trail
Display running material and labor totals.
Change labor columns of individual items
Copy part or all of one job to another job.
Filter the audit trail
Make real-time changes in Audit Trail
Copy items, phases, sections from one breakout to another in the same job.
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Bid Analysis STANDARD
Allows user to review and modify totals.
Save bid summaries for each breakout.
Change order module - Links to original job and manages different pricing and labor rates associated with change orders versus standard bids.
Use a percentage to cover misc. job expenses as opposed to entering specific costs.
Create custom reports using Excel.
Advanced user-access management.
Simultaneous entries by more than one user.
Use a percentage for supervising, setup time, driving time, etc.
Flexible overhead calculations based on company preferences.
Manage supplier quotes for fixtures, switch gear, etc. can be entered as lump sum or per item for up to 6 suppliers.
Maintains material price integrity for each estimate.
Flags unpriced items for review.
Streamline communication with suppliers for pricing for specific materials.
List jobs by estimator.
Open and work in more than one job at same time.
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Database includes 'specialty' databases 1 3 7
Includes VDV and demolition specialty databases.
Includes residential specialty database.
Includes pole line, high voltage, explosion proof, and fire alarm specialty databases
Over 20,000 standard electrical and low voltage items with access to 1.8 million items with current pricing from EPIC
Labor columns 6 6 6
Labor column creation
Daily commodity price updates (requires EPIC DUO)
Links to EPIC catalog of 1.8 million material items.
Unlimited number of items in assemblies
Easily customize/create assemblies on-the-fly
NECA labor column for change orders
Edit entire database in a spreadsheet layout
Add/remove item selections available in takeoff modules
Personal favorite items database for each user
Netpricer compatibility
Export item database or job to spreadsheet
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* PlanSwift and On-Screen Takeoff can be purchased through Vision InfoSoft with extra electrical estimating tools. There is a custom integration link available for purchase for Electrical Bid Manager to link with PlanSwift or On-Screen Takeoff. Please contact our sales department to learn more. (800) 258-7752 (then dial 1, 4) or email

This is an included feature.

This is a premium add-on feature.