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Electrical Plan Takeoff

Choose the best add-on takeoff software for your estimating needs.  Integrates seamlessly with your Electrical Bid Manager™.

On-Screen Takeoff® and PlanSwift® are the two best electrical plan takeoff software tools on the market. Both integrate with with Electrical Bid Manager and enable all the benefits of using electronic plans.

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Benefits of Using Electrical Plan Takeoff

Direct Integration

Maximize your Electrical Bid Manager™ software experience.  Our digital plan takeoff options give you the best possible tools for counting directly from your PDF, JPG, TIFF, or CAD plan files.

Electrical Database

Takeoff using the same estimating database built into Electrical Bid Manager™. Use both items and assemblies. You can also start taking off directly from Electrical Bid Manager's takeoff modules.

No Printed Drawings

Start your bid sooner with the electronic drawing files.  No need to order expensive prints or plots of the electric plans. 

Comparative Overlays

Track changes to plans by overlaying two versions of same page.  Additions and deletions will be highlighted. Now you can quickly adjust your takeoff accordingly.

Improved Accuracy

Manage and organize your takeoffs with color coded takeoff markers and easy to use takeoff edit tools.  Add to existing takeoff counts, change a linear length measurement or remove a takeoff altogether.  Everything is synced to your bid.

Easy to Learn

Intuitive controls and multiple training and help options make implementation a breeze. One-on-one setup training, help videos, knowledge-base, monthly webinars and more!


Top-selling PlanSwift is amazingly easy to use and continues to innovate.  We offer PlanSwift as a second add-on option for our Electrical Bid Manager™ estimating software.


On-Screen Takeoff®

Industry leader in helping contractors use their electronic plans for takeoff.  We offer On-Screen Takeoff as an add-on to our Electrical Bid Manager™ estimating software. 


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New PlanSwift® Integration!

In Summer 2015, we added integration with PlanSwift.  PlanSwift offers a similar set of tools when compared to On-Screen Takeoff®.  Give us a call to discuss your options and to order PlanSwift or On-Screen Takeoff.  (800) 258-7752

Extras For Electrical Plan Takeoff Options

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