Electrical Estimating Resources

Watch one of our many electrical estimating videos to see the latest tips & tricks and best practices for electrical estimators.

Electrical Estimating Recorded Webinars

Electronic Plans Will Make Your Job Easier

Electrical Takeoff Software vs PDF Viewer

Digitized electrical plans have changed the way electrical estimators takeoff. We cover many of the benefits of this change by giving you an overview of our latest electrical plan software tools. This includes counting, measuring, change-orders, custom items and assemblies.

PRODUCT: Electrical Bid Manager, On-Screen Takeoff

Soooo… do you trust your current pricing?

Electrical pricing service - Do you trust your electrical material pricing?

This webinar provides a roundup of the many approaches to material price updating. The better you understand your options, the easier it will be to choose the best approach.


Managing your Estimating Database and Pricing with EPIC

Electrical estimating software and pricing service

This recorded webinar will show you many of the benefits of using EPIC to update your pricing and manage your estimating database.


Electrical Estimating and Bidding Do's and Don'ts

Electrical estimating tips and tricks

It’s always good to review tried and true best electrical estimating practices.

This recorded webinar was hosted by Brian Hoffelder, an estimating consultant with over 20 years of experience. The webinar runs about one hour and steps you through two dozen estimating tips and best practices.


PRODUCT: Electrical Bid Manager , EPIC Pricing

Accuracy and Productivity in Electrical Takeoff

Electrical estimating and takeoff

Angelo M. Castelli, Vice President of Operations for On Center Software, interviews an electrical estimator and current Vision customer, Ricky Boudoin.

Ricky shares how he lowered costs, improved accuracy, reduced risk and saved time while saving thousands of dollars.

Brian Hoffelder, Vision InfoSoft’s Professional Trainer, shows you how On-Screen Takeoff closely integrates with Electrical Bid Manager

PRODUCT: On-Screen Takeoff , Electrical Bid Manager

Misconceptions and Best Practices for Material Pricing

Best practices for electrical estimating

In this recorded webinar, learn about common electrical material pricing misconceptions and mistakes as we share actual Vision customer stories. We also cover several best practices that successful electrical contractors currently employ in their estimating workflows.



Keeping Your Bidding Mojo with Estimating Software

Estimating software helps you keep your mojo

“Losing my bidding mojo” is one of the most common fears that keep electrical contractors from upgrading their bidding process from Excel-based and manual estimating. This webinar, is for estimators considering making the investment in estimating software and will explain the process of successfully evaluating, selecting and implementing electrical estimating software.


PRODUCT: Electrical Bid Manager