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EPIC™ Pricing

One-click distributor pricing and catalogs.

EPIC Pricing - featuring NetPricer™ connects your Electrical Bid Manager to your local electrical supplier for instant accurate bid pricing. Receive material pricing through the Internet in seconds.  Connect to your favorite supplier and get your unique negotiated pricing 24/7. Create more competitive bids and save valuable time.

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Electrical Database

Pricing and descriptions on over 2 million electrical items make up the EPIC Pricing material pricing database. Rarely used items, common items and newer items like solar and LEDs are all included.

The EPIC Pricing Team

Our team maintains partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers across the nation.  We update over 520,000 items and add over 75,000 items each month; many with catalog pages and attributes of data.

Software Integration

EPIC updates your estimating and billing software pricing. You'll save time maintaining your pricing.  Minimize the need to rely on one supplier's pricing data.

Trade vs. Target Price

EPIC includes both Trade and Target pricing.  Trade is the "suggested retail" price while Target is an average benchmark price you'd expect to pay at your supplier.

One-Click Distributor Pricing

With NetPricer, connect to your favorite distributors and get your unique negotiated pricing 24/7.  You can also compare your supplier's pricing to the EPIC Target Price benchmark.

EPIC Add-ons

Catlynx: PDF catalog pages for over 600,000 electrical item.  Review specs or use for submittals.

EPIC™ Pricing
featuring NetPricer™

Bid with Confidence

  • Access to over 2-million electrical items.
  • One-Click access to your negotiated pricing from your local supplier.
  • Over 600,000 items linked to PDF catalog pages from over 25 manufacturers.
  • Compare your supplier pricing to EPIC's Target Price (national average price)

Extras For EPIC Pricing System

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