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Time & Material Billing Manager™

Changelog for Electrical Contractor Software

We continually improve Time & Material Billing Manager™ (T&M) through customer feedback and internal ideas. The Extended Service Plan (ESP) for your T&M includes all upgrades we release. We typically release 1 to 2 upgrades through the year that includes new features, enhancements to current features and bug fixes. Learn more about ESP.

Upcoming Releases

  • More mobile-focused features are coming soon for both the desktop software and mobile app.
    • We are put our resources toward getting mobile app feedback and implemented the most important features.
  • We are also adding other enhancement to the desktop software. Stay tuned.

New Feature Highlights

  • Added: Mobile app management tools to desktop T&M Billing Manager.
  • Added: New mobile app!
  • Added: Software database system upgraded to Microsoft SQL database.
    • Faster, more efficient database better manages 1,000's of invoices.

Update your Time & Material Billing Manager™ Today!

Call us at (800) 258-7752 to update.

Product Tour Video

A rep guided tour is the fastest way to evaluate our software. Call us at (800) 258-7752.

In addition, downloading the demo above or watching the product tour video are two great places to start.