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Electrical Bid Manager™

Changelog for Electrical Contractor Software

We continually improve Electrical Bid Manager through customer feedback and internal ideas. The Extended Service Plan (ESP) for your Electrical Bid Manager™ (EBM) includes all upgrades we release. We typically release 2 or more upgrades through the year that includes new features, enhancements to current features and bug fixes. Learn more about ESP.

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Upcoming Releases

  • Improved Reporting: New and improved report templates and bid analysis.
  • Improved Pricing Updates: We are researching better ways of updating EBM with EPIC Pricing.
  • New Items & Assemblies: Quarterly enhancements to item/assembly database.
  • User Interface Updates: Adding look & feel improvements
  • Digital plan takeoff workflow improvements based on customer feedback.
  • Our development team works on Electrical Bid Manager every day. Check back for updates.
  • Email us at with any improvement suggestions. Or use our support webform here.

New Feature Highlights

  • Added: New priced and labored items added to keep EBM's database updated. Cleared out older retired items.
  • Added: Search feature added to more reports and job list screens.
  • Added: New "Copy Labor" button added to speed the creation of new items in EBM's database. Customize your database in less time and clicks.
  • Added: Design/Build tools - PlanSwift users now have access to over 70 electrical symbols that provides basic Design/Build functionality and counting with Electrical Bid Manager.
  • Added: Quickbranch Takeoff - Allows quick selection and takeoff of device assemblies combined with conduit/wire, or cable runs of any length from your Saved Assemblies in Branch Circuits and Cable modules. View a video of this new feature.

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