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Electrical Bid Manager™

Changelog for Electrical Contractor Software

We continually improve Electrical Bid Manager through customer feedback and internal ideas. The Extended Service Plan (ESP) or Subscription for your Electrical Bid Manager™ (EBM) includes all upgrades we release. Learn more about ESP or Learn more about Subscription.

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Upcoming Releases

  • Improved Plan Takeoff: This is in development with a planned released in 1st quarter 2024.
  • Improved Pricing Updates: We are researching better ways of updating EBM with EPIC Pricing.
  • New Items & Assemblies: Quarterly enhancements to item/assembly database.
  • User Interface Updates: Adding look & feel improvements. Adding "tool tips" hint bubbles to more modules to guide users.
  • Speed and Stability: We continue to work on adding speed and stability enhancements to EBM.
  • Email us at with any improvement suggestions. Or use our support webform here.

New Feature Highlights

  • Added: Speed improvements to editing items in the Audit Trail.
  • Added: Backups now run 10x faster for larger databases.
  • Added: New items and assemblies add to the EBM database. (22.0 - Build 08.05.22)
  • Added: Officially Windows 11 compatible. (22.0 - Build 08.05.22)
  • Added: Report added to Motor Control Centers Takeoff
  • Added: The number of possible Bid Summaries increased to 100
  • Added: The "Editing item" view offers a new "Assemblies" tab. This tab displays a list of Assemblies the item is a member of.
  • Added: New Excel XLSX report export format

We released version 23.0 earlier in 2023 and added a slew of new features and bug fixes with 23.1.  We have combined the changelogs here.


Added Features

  • Updated EBM's database
    • Added items, fixed typos, and improved several assemblies.
  • Added "Recall Last" button in Fixture Accessories submodules
    • "Recall Last" buttons are used in many places within EBM and will continue to be added to further useful locations within EBM. This addition was added to the "Accessories per fixture" tab and "Additional accessories total" tab on the Fixtures takeoff module.
  • Users created with "No master database access" enabled/checked can now create temporary items.
    • Users without full edit/create/delete database access can now create temporary assemblies with temporary items at the job level.
  • Speed increase to manual database backups
    • Customers with larger databases would experience long (5-10minute) backups due to the slower .DBS backup process. We replaced this with the .BAK backup process that is used for all auto-backups in EBM.
  • EBM Users created with no "master database access" had limited temp item access
    • Added the ability to create temporary assemblies made of temporary items for users without "master database access".
  • Improved Bill of Materials report
    • We removed the Unit of Measure column of data. It was inaccurate. The value previously used was not relevant to this report.
  • Improved report exports to latest Excel file format
    • We updated the Excel export component and improved the data and column formating on many of EBM's report exports.


  • Extension Spreadsheet report locking up
    • In some cases, if the user had the Audit Trail open behind the Extension Report this error would occur.
  • Job Cost Q-Link integration with Quickbooks Desktop update
    • The Job Cost Q-link integration was outdated. Intuit had added new functionality that we needed to match to stay compatible.
  • Switchboards & Panels takeoff module error with 'Other quoted items"
    • For some users that experienced a data upgrade problem, when selecting 'Other quoted items', an error was produced: "arguments are of the wrong type, out of the acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another"
  • Error with "Add all takeoff entries to existing Bid Summaries" in General Settings
    • When unchecking this setting in Job Settings || General, an error would be produced upon clicking the OK button. Error: "Invalid column name 'PhaseSelected33' "
  • On the Extension Spreadsheet, the Quote Totals disappear from Detailed Summary Report
    • In some cases, the Quote category of the report would disappear and require the user to close and reopen the job for it to work properly.
  • Audit Trail insert notes function improved
    • Some users of version 22.0 experienced a problem inserting notes between entries in the Audit Trail report.
  • Global speed increases
    • With the help of our customers, we have identified the key areas of EBM that could use speed improvements.  Job List, some takeoff modules, Audit Trail editing, and a few more.  We continually optimize the code in these sections to ensure EBM is snappy and responsive no matter the size of your job or database.

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