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Electrical Bid Manager™

Changelog for Electrical Contractor Software

We continually improve Electrical Bid Manager through customer feedback and internal ideas. The Extended Service Plan (ESP) or Subscription for your Electrical Bid Manager™ (EBM) includes all upgrades we release. Learn more about ESP or Learn more about Subscription.

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Upcoming Releases

  • Improved Pricing Updates: We are researching better ways of updating EBM with EPIC Pricing.
  • New Items & Assemblies: Quarterly enhancements to item/assembly database.
  • NECA Manual of Labor Units MLU 2023-2024: Labor updates to all items in the EBM database.
  • User Interface Updates: Adding look & feel improvements. Adding "tool tips" hint bubbles to more modules to guide users.
  • Speed and Stability: We continue to work on adding speed and stability enhancements to EBM.
  • Email us at with any improvement suggestions. Or use our support webform here.

New Feature Highlights

  • Added: Speed improvements to editing items in the Audit Trail.
  • Added: Manual Backups now run 10x faster for larger databases.
  • Added: Official support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Added: Officially Windows 11 compatible. (22.0 - Build 08.05.22)
  • Added: Report added to Motor Control Centers Takeoff
  • Added: The number of possible Bid Summaries increased to 100
  • Added: The "Editing item" view offers a new "Assemblies" tab. This tab displays a list of Assemblies the item is a member of.
  • Added: New Excel XLSX report export format for all reports

The changelog below includes new features and bug fixes for Electrical Bid Manager v24.0.

Added Features

  • Upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    • A new installation of EBM now includes the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database engine. Due to complexity and to ensure data integrity, existing EBM installs that upgrade to EBM 24.0 will not upgrade to SQL Server 2019 and will remain on their existing SQL Server Version. We are looking into the best way to upgrade existing SQL installations.
  • Improved Item cost report description column for residential type jobs
    • We improved how the Tally Sheet and Item Cost reports display descriptions
  • Added extra tooltips to Branch Circuits and Cable takeoff modules
    • This is part of a larger project to make greater use of on-hover tooltips that popup to guide a user. This is especially useful for newer users learning EBM.
  • Audit Trail export function updated to export XLSX with proper data formatting
    • Old export used Excel XLS and had some formatting issues
  • Exporting to Excel wasn't working correctly from the Job Extension report
    • We updated the component used to export Job Totals and Job Extension to an enhanced version that uses XLSX format
  • Added "User" column to Job List view
    • When viewing job list windows, the user has the option of showing or hiding additional columns of data. We added the value for "User". Each job can have an Estimator and a User assigned. Now you can view both these values in the job lists.
  • Manual database backups offer a compressed option
    • A user now has the option to manually create a database backup in either uncompressed BAK or an improved compressed DBS format. The BAK format is 10x-20x faster but takes up more space and must be restored from the EBM installation folder. The DBS format is 10x-20x smaller and can be restored from practically any folder on a user's PC. We temporarily disabled DBS backups in 2022/2023 due to a bug in the function. Users wanted to see the DBS option return, so we reimplemented it and improved how it functions.
  • Improved look of Program Settings window
    • We widened the program settings window, updated the name of the "Desc" tab to "Descriptions", and ensured all tabs are viewable and no tab scrolling is required.
  • Cable Tray now automatically counts as Linear in PlanSwift
    • Before, the user had to manually change Cable Tray takeoff to count as linear. We updated the EBM database to default to linear measurement when using the PlanSwift integration.
  • Improved Audit Trail Takeoff Entry column for large jobs
    • The Takeoff Entry column now clearly displays 4-digit numbers.
  • Item database updates, corrections, additions
    • We made minor corrections in the 24.0 release of EBM.


  • Editing your default labor rate management caused duplicate rate sets
    • If you edit your default labor rate set, then review (or edit) another set of rates before closing the screen, the default rates are duplicated.
  • After using search in the Job List window, when deleting the search input box, the list of jobs would render slowly.
    • Users with large job databases would experience a 10 to 20-second delay when rendering the full job list after a search. We fixed this delay to match the speed of the initial job list rendering when first opening the window.
  • Fixed error "List index out of bounds (0)" some users get when doing a Job restore
    • We refactored and improved the code that handles job restores which eliminated the error.
  • Improved "Insert Item" function in the Audit Trail
    • Inserting an item in the Audit Trail sometimes inserted the item in an unexpected location. We refactored and improved this function and it is now consistent with expectations.
  • Quick Branch takeoff window not resizeable
    • Added the ability for a user to resize this window
  • Quick Branch takeoff window F2 key function added
    • The button "F2 Takeoff" now allows the user to hit the F2 keyboard key to activate the button. This matches the functionality in the other takeoff module windows.
  • Fixed Job backup and restore broken for some users
    • Some users backing jobs up to removeable USB drives or temporary network locations experienced this issue. We had some users experience it with no identified reason as well. We updated the component that was breaking with an alternative and newer component which has fixed the issue.
  • Fixed issue displaying full Quotes window.
    • There was an issue with displaying the Quotes window at full size. This prevented viewing all the fields a user expected to see on the Quotes window.
  • Residential type jobs Quick Totals rounding improved
    • Using the "Quick Totals" function in the Audit Trail in residential type jobs, we improved the rounding function to increase accuracy. Vision InfoSoft recommends mostd residential jobs be done as a commercial type job to utilize more bidding features and capabilities.
  • Entering Quote dollar amounts don't always save correctly when using the same designation
    • We enhanced the Quote tool to manage issues with same designations.
  • Improved Excel export in Audit Trail
    • The right-click menu on the Audit Trail report allows you to export to XLSX. We have improved this functionality for users that have enabled the "manual refresh" function. (Manual refresh helps speed the process of editing the Audit Trail for jobs with 800+ takeoff entries)


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