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Electrical Bid Manager™

Changelog for Electrical Contractor Software

We continually improve Electrical Bid Manager through customer feedback and internal ideas. The Extended Service Plan (ESP) for your Electrical Bid Manager™ (EBM) includes all upgrades we release. We typically release 2 or more upgrades through the year that includes new features, enhancements to current features and bug fixes. Learn more about ESP.

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Upcoming Releases

  • Improved Pricing Updates: We are researching better ways of updating EBM with EPIC Pricing.
  • New Items & Assemblies: Quarterly enhancements to item/assembly database.
  • User Interface Updates: Adding look & feel improvements
  • Speed and Stability: We continue to work on adding speed and stability enhancements to EBM.
  • Email us at with any improvement suggestions. Or use our support webform here.

New Feature Highlights

  • Added: Faster Job List load time for larger job databases. (11.7 - Build 10.20.20)
  • Added: Many speed/stability related bug fixes and enhancements (11.7 - Build 10.20.20)
  • Added: Search feature added to more reports and job list screens.
  • Added: Design/Build tools - PlanSwift users now have access to over 70 electrical symbols that provides basic Design/Build functionality and counting with Electrical Bid Manager.
  • Added: Quickbranch Takeoff - Allows quick selection and takeoff of device assemblies combined with conduit/wire, or cable runs of any length from your Saved Assemblies in Branch Circuits and Cable modules. View a video of this new feature.

This v11.7 build of Electrical Bid Manager (EBM) put a lot of focus on stability and speed improvements. As Windows 10 continues to change, we have found it necessary to update EBM to keep eliminate issues created. Since the previous release, our development and software testing team have spent 100's of hours making EBM faster, more stable, and added a few features.

Version v11.6 was not a full public release. We prepared v11.6 for launch in summer 2020 but we found bugs just before distributing it to all our customers. At this point, we had already moved onto v11.7 with enough additional improvements that we scrapped v11.6 to put all focus on v11.7.

Added Features

  • Faster Job List
    • We have dramatically increased the speed that EBM displays and opens jobs. This will especially affect network customers and those with 100+ jobs in EBM.
    • Feature Showcase Video
  • Audit Trail report speed increases
    • We have rewritten a good portion of the Audit Trail report to improve speed and stability.
    • This will be most noticeable for larger jobs, users with 100's of jobs in their database, and anyone that has a PC environment/network where they have experienced any speed issues in the past.
  • Takeoff entry edits in Audit Trail updates all like entries.
    • Ability to change ALL assemblies in the takeoff when an edit is made to one in the Audit Trail. EBM asks if you'd like to apply changes.
    • Feature Showcase Video
  • Quote Management data grid navigation update
  • PlanSwift takeoff data verification opt-out option added
    • Users can now opt-out of launching PlanSwift to verify takeoff data prior to running a report.
    • Feature Showcase Video
  • New tooltips added to multiple screens in EBM
    • To help new and experienced EBM users, we have started adding more tooltips throughout EBM. This can be helpful for new users and also help explain lesser-known settings/buttons/features to experienced users. We will continue adding more to each upcoming release.


  • Major Project - Overall Speed and stability improvements.
    • Since the last release of EBM, we have taken customer feedback, added new testing protocols, and we have re-coded large portions of EBM. This project's goal is to identify and fix the more pesky bugs that affect some of our customers. Unfortunately, we have found the bugs to be inconsistent and only affect a subset of our customers. This is a high priority project that we have weekly meetings to discuss our progress. We want you to know that we are taking this very seriously and we will continue to work with our customers to improve EBM.
  • Material and Labor factor bug
    • Some EBM Pro users experienced material and labor factor issues where the factors were not computing.
  • Takeoff modules - "Other Items" and "Additional accessories per fixture", and similar options, did not function properly
    • In some situations, users were unable to properly add items via these subsections on takeoff screens.
  • Job list not allowing proper "filter by user" views
    • When using EBM Network, users were unable to use the "filter by user" feature in the Job List.
  • "Edit to Source" function in Audit Trail incorrectly managed Entry #'s
    • In some situations, Entry #'s were not managed properly by EBM when a user invoked the "Edit to Source" function in the Audit Trail.
  • Multi-select in Job Extension report not working
    • User unable to select multiple items from the Job Extention report using the CTRL key and mouse clicking.
  • Added delete option to PlanSwift Import window
    • This feature disappeared in version 11.5. We fixed the bug that would hide this feature.
  • Quote Management window column header issue
    • The column headers in the "Prices by items" section were not displaying correctly.
  • Change Order phases did not match the default job phases
    • We updated the phases for new Change Orders to match the phases used for new jobs.
  • Database edit window too small
    • By default, the database edit window was too small and hid some buttons. A user would need to resize the windows to access the buttons. The window now has a larger default size.

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