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Feature Tour: Design/Build Electrical Symbols

Electrical Bid Manager™

Use Electrical Symbols with Electrical Bid Manager and PlanSwift

We recommend this process to use the electrical symbols. This requires Electrical Bid Manager build 041817 or newer and PlanSwift.

  1. For the item you wish to add to the electrical plan, start from a takeoff module from within Electrical Bid Manager (EBM).
  2. Once in the EBM takeoff module, hit the PlanSwift button to switch to PlanSwift and start adding while counting.
  3. As you add/count in PlanSwift, you will see the standard shape. e.g. circle. We'll update this in step 7.
  4. Stop the PlanSwift digitizer to return to EBM.
  5. Complete the takeoff in EBM, hit "F2 Takeoff" button.
  6. Now, manually switch back to using PlanSwift.  Find a shape/count for the item you just took off. Change the shape to an electrical symbol by right-clicking the shape, choose Properties. Here you will find the "EBM Symbols" field.
  7. Click open EBM Symbols and choose your electrical symbol.

Note: You can skip step 5 above and wait to complete the takeoff (F2 Takeoff) until after you've selected the symbol of your choice.

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