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Feature Tour: Quick Branch Takeoff Module

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Video Transcript

The Quick Branch Takeoff Module now provides an easy way to take off any footage of cable or conduit and wire that you would normally pick up separately in those modules.

It works with the same device assemblies that are in device assemblies takeoff module. But it lets you select any of the wire and conduit in saved assemblies that are up under those modules.

Under branch circuits, for example, go to saved assemblies, you have a list of some common conduit and wire assemblies. Or, in the cable module, the saved assemblies give you a choice of the different cable assemblies including MC cable, Health Care Facility cable, Luminary cable, even Romex.

Here's how the Quick Branch takeoff module works. Under fixtures and devices you go to quick branch. Now at any point, you can select the assembly or the conduit and wire that you want to use. It doesn't matter what order. Let's say I want to pick up 15 feet of 12/2 MC cable with some switch assemblies. Now go to cable. Go to 12/2 MC cable, double click or hit select. Input your footage. And then pick the actual assembly under switches, one gang, one single pole. We'll do a 20 amp spec grade with a plastic plate and we'll put in 20 of those assemblies for this example. Each of them will get 15 feet of 12/2 MC cable. That MC cable will include the connectors, 30 connectors plus the straps. I'll go ahead and hit the takeoff button.

Now if I wanna use the same wiring assembly for some receptacles, I'd just go back to receptacles, flush and wood or metal stud. To duplex and to 20 amp spec grade with a plastic plate. And we'll put in 30 of those and hit takeoff. So now let's say I wanna do some GFI receptacles but I wanna wire them in conduit. Go to conduit and wire. Go to EMT set screw, steel stranded wire. Go to three quarter inch with three number 12's. Put your footage in each. Hit the back button just once here. Go to GFI. We'll do a 20 amp spec grade with a plastic plate and we'll put in five of those. You'll notice every one of those entries makes 2 actual entries. One for the standard device assembly and one for the related wiring.

If I open up the audit trail by double clicking on it, you'll see that last entry of five GFI receptacles generated at 100 feet, a three quarter inch EMT with a number 12 wire, the connectors, the couplings, and the straps.

Now there's a very similar option in light fixtures. I'm gonna set up a type A1 fixture. It's gonna be a recessed downlight. Recessed LED downlight. So the easiest way to set that up is to come up under saved assemblies. Come down here to the recessed downlight and double click. So I can pick the same types of assemblies by clicking this little tab that says Conduit Wire/Cable. I'm gonna do 15 feet of the Luminary cable. If you're not familiar with that, that's the MC cable that now comes with two low voltage 16 gauge conductors with the standard 12/2 in a ground. So I'm gonna double click there, I'm gonna put in 15 feet each, and I'm gonna put in 30 for the quantity. So that'll give me 30 of these type A1 fixtures, 15 feet of MC cable, the Luminary MC cable when I hit takeoff.