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Elective: Bidding Masterclass: How To Create Breakouts

Bid with confidence and learn to tackle even the most challenging breakouts. (1 hr)

What You'll Learn

  • Create detailed bids including unit pricing
  • How to Set up for Breakouts
  • Best practices for delivering bids with different scenarios
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Who Is This Class For?

Estimators, Project Managers, Owners
Those that prefer 1-on-1 training rather than group.


Current version of EBM and EPIC

Class Description

Have you ever wondered how much money you might be losing when you “guesstimate” on pricing? Our Masterclass on breakouts will prepare you to provide the pricing information that your customers need to finalize their plans.

Master the art of effortless bidding as you learn how to work with different types of bidding requests, and how to set up your takeoff so you can provide detailed, accurate estimates to your customers and win jobs.

Finally, we’ll show you how to tackle even the most challenging breakouts by breaking it down step by step.

After Completion of the Class:

  • Create breakouts for many estimating scenarios, including Alternates, Typical Areas, Multiple Floors, etc.
  • How to organize before a Takeoff
  • How to separate breakouts after Takeoff is complete
  • Using multipliers for Typical Areas
  • VALUE ADD: We'll send you a video recording of the class, so you can refer back as often as you'd like

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What's Next?

This is an elective class for our Vision InfoSoft Certification program. Upon completion, you’ll be ready for another Bidding Masterclass, or one of our other elective options. Please see our Hands-on Training page for a full list of classes.  Or, email us to register now.

Brian Hoffelder

Professional Trainer & Consultant

Brian Hoffelder is a co-founder of Vision InfoSoft and combines over three decades of experience in software development, software training and first hand estimating to provide a real-world perspective on the most critical skills required for efficient and profitable bidding.