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Elective: Bidding Masterclass: Takeoff Shortcuts & Strategies

Learn best practices that will give you the competitive advantage. (1 hr)

What You'll Learn

  • How to work with saved assemblies
  • How to work with takeoff shortcuts
  • Using substitutions effectively for maximum profit
Electrical estimator reviews blueprints on his computer

Who Is This Class For?

Estimators, Project Managers, Owners
Those that prefer 1-on-1 training rather than group.


Current version of EBM and EPIC

Class Description

Are you losing more bids to the competition than you’d like? Using shortcuts will give you the competitive edge and help you cut your bidding time, while boosting your profits.

This course is for students who want to become familiar with shortcuts and strategies for working with saved assemblies and takeoff shortcuts. You’ll create personalized shortcuts to the items and assemblies you use the most. By the end of this class, you’ll be substituting items and creating your own assemblies with ease!

After Completion of the Class:

  • Use saved assemblies to reduce bidding steps
  • Recall and copy shortcuts
  • Item substitution
  • Substitution with assemblies
  • VALUE ADD: We'll send you a video recording of the class, so you can refer back as often as you'd like

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What's Next?

This is an elective class for our Vision InfoSoft Certification program. Upon completion, you’ll be ready for another Bidding Masterclass, or one of our other elective options. Please see our Hands-on Training page for a full list of classes.  Or, email us to register now.

Brian Hoffelder

Professional Trainer & Consultant

Brian Hoffelder is a co-founder of Vision InfoSoft and combines over three decades of experience in software development, software training and first hand estimating to provide a real-world perspective on the most critical skills required for efficient and profitable bidding.