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Foundation: Intro to Electrical Bid Manager

Learn how to use EBM to create estimates more quickly and easily so that you can win more jobs. (2 hrs)

What You'll Learn

  • Produce accurate bids in half the time as manual bidding
  • Improve the consistency and accuracy of your bids
  • Best practices for managing material pricing (using EPIC™ Pricing)
  • Create a professional estimate

Who Is This Class For?

Estimators, Project Managers, Owners, all levels of experience with EBM and EPIC
Those that prefer 1-on-1 training rather than group.


Current version of EBM and EPIC

Class Description

A one-on-one, practical introduction to working with Electric Bid Manager and EPIC Pricing for everyone. The course will give students hands-on practice with the basic operations of the Estimating and Pricing Programs.

Whether you’re new to EBM and EPIC, or you’ve been working with our software for a while, our one-on-one hands-on training will give you the tools and tips to accelerate your knowledge of our software so that you can be more efficient and save time and money!

After Completion of the Class:

  • Set up defaults specific for your company (sales tax, labor rates, etc.)
  • How to input basic assemblies and items, including takeoff shortcuts
  • Create new or temporary items and assemblies to put customized data at your fingertips
  • Search items and assemblies in the EPIC database using descriptions or catalog numbers
  • Create job extension which produces total material cost and labor hours
  • Create job summary which produces final bid
  • VALUE ADD: We'll send you a video recording of the class, so you can refer back as often as you'd like

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What's Next?

This is a foundation class for the Vision InfoSoft Certification Program. Upon completion, you’ll be ready for the next class in our program Intermediate EBM: Advanced Features and Shortcuts. Please see our Hands-on Training page for a full list of classes.  Or, email us to register now.

Brian Hoffelder

Professional Trainer & Consultant

Brian Hoffelder is a co-founder of Vision InfoSoft and combines over three decades of experience in software development, software training and first hand estimating to provide a real-world perspective on the most critical skills required for efficient and profitable bidding.