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Online Classroom: EBM General Training

Course 1: Use Electrical Bid Manager to create estimates more quickly and easily so that you can win more jobs

What You'll Learn

  • Produce accurate bids in half the time as manual bidding
  • Improve the consistency and accuracy of your bids
  • Best practices for managing material pricing (using EPIC™ Pricing)
  • Create a professional estimate

Who Is This Class For?

Estimators, Project Managers, Owners, all levels of experience with EBM and EPIC


Current version of EBM and EPIC

Class Description

A one-on-one, practical introduction to working with Electric Bid Manager and EPIC Pricing for everyone. The course will give students hands-on practice with the basic operations of the Estimating and Pricing Programs.

Whether you’re new to EBM and EPIC, or you’ve been working with our software for a while, our one-on-one hands-on training will give you the tools and tips to accelerate your knowledge of our software so that you can be more efficient and save time and money!

Class Length: 3.5 hours
Class Location: Online using your web browser.
Recommendations: We recommend each student have two screens/monitors. This is not a requirement.

After Completion of the Class:

  • Set up defaults specific for your company (sales tax, labor rates, etc.)
  • How to input basic assemblies and items, including takeoff shortcuts
  • Create new or temporary items and assemblies to put customized data at your fingertips
  • Search items and assemblies in the EPIC database using descriptions or catalog numbers
  • Create job extension which produces total material cost and labor hours
  • Create job summary which produces final bid

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Confident VisionInfoSoft User
Brian Hoffelder

Professional Trainer & Consultant

Brian Hoffelder is a co-founder of Vision InfoSoft and combines over three decades of experience in software development, software training and first hand estimating to provide a real-world perspective on the most critical skills required for efficient and profitable bidding.