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Software Update: Electrical Bid Manager v11.5 Build 03.06.20 Released!

In March 2020, we released an update for our electrical estimating software. This update is an important maintenance release.


New EBM Feature Highlights - Build 03.06.20

  • Added more Job data columns to Job management windows.
    • We added Prime Cost, Overhead, Profit, and Square Footage columns of data to make it easier to review and find jobs.
  • Job notes and Summary notes are now viewable on the bid summary report.
    • Users now have the option of printing the Summary Notes and/or the Job Notes on the Bid Summary report.
  • Allow users to take off panels with up to 999 sections. Previously the limit was 9 sections.
    • It is common for panel sections to exceed the limit of 9. As such, we increased this limit in EBM to 999.


Fixed Features - Build 03.06.20 

  • Quick Temp Takeoff "edit" button fixed.
    • This gives the user to edit newly created temp items in greater detail (change to quote, change phase, etc), on the fly, during the takeoff entry itself--rather than editing the item after takeoff.
    • This was initially added to 11.3 but a bug was introduced in 11.4 that is now fixed.
  • Removed the option to install PlanSwift (PS) plugins when the PS link is not being used.
    • There is no need for this option when PlanSwift is not installed, or not set to be linked to EBM. So the button has been disabled.
  • Default Phase set to "18 Misc" for newly added items
    • Due to the changes made to the database phase structure in the previous version upgrade, the Default Phase was incorrectly set to "7 Switchgear". This caused newly added items to default to that phase.
  • PlanSwift (PS) Import screen fixed to allow multiple item selection for takeoff.
    • Allow users to select inconsecutive items on the import spreadsheet.
    • In v11.3 a user can import multiple items that are listed in-consecutively. A bug for this was introduced in 11.4 and we fixed it in this 11.5 release.


  1. David Sarduy on April 30, 2020 at 6:06 am

    Need updated version of EBM. My version of EBM is V6.51.00

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