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Once and Done: How to Edit Assemblies Efficiently

Global Changes from Your Audit Trail

Takeoff is complex and involves managing a lot of detail work, especially on larger jobs. Updates to your assemblies in the audit stage means there’s a lot of pressure to get all the details exactly right during takeoff.  

 Your electrical estimating software should include multiple pathways to creating a successful bid, including ways to change your assemblies during the review stage of your estimate. Your estimating software should be as flexible as possible to improve your ability to bid on different kinds of jobs.  

Electrical Bid Manager eliminates the need to search your completed takeoff for every instance of a particular assembly and be sure you don’t miss any.  

Our latest update for EBM allows you to make global changes to your assemblies from our Audit Trail screen. Change one assembly or update every instance of any assembly at the review stage of your bid. 

This means that you can be confident that you won’t miss any of the important details in your takeoff. Update once and you’re done! 

Load Large Job Databases Quickly

As an electrical contractor you want to track previous bids and manage an accessible jobs database in your electrical estimating software. You want to efficiently manage your database so you can easily tackle bids for upcoming work.  

EBM has new dramatically increased speed improvements.  

We’ve also made it faster and easier to review your Audit Trail reports and navigate the information in your Quote Management screen.  

 What’s more, you’ll see an increased number of tool tips in all areas of EBM so that you can continue to learn how to bid more efficiently.  

Update Highlights

Our new update v11.7 is faster and packed with improvements. Here’s a quick summary of the new feature highlights. 

  • Faster load time for larger job databases.  
  • Improved speed for Audit Trail reports. 
  • New design/build tools for PlanSwift allow access to more than 70 electrical symbols for design/build functionality and counting with EBM. 
  • Added Quickbranch Takeoff for faster selection and takeoff of device assemblies from your Saved Assemblies 

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