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Electrical Service Billing App Released! T&M Mobile

T&M Mobile App for electricians

Vision InfoSoft has launched a new electrical service billing app! This mobile app is available on iOS and Android for both phones and tablets.

This webinar gives you an overview of how the T&M Mobile app enhances the Time & Material  (T&M) Billing Manager desktop program for electrical contractors managing electrical service work.

Empower your electrical service team and help get your bills out in half the time.

The new T&M Mobile app offers:

  • Sync T&M work orders, customers, database with your billing software
  • Eliminate errors and double data entry
  • Instant time & material search capability
  • Access your entire T&M database on your phone or tablet
  • Bill faster, get paid sooner!

The desktop version of the T&M Billing Manager program is the central part of the billing system. The app will be used by the electrician in the field to record the material and labor for a job. The electrician will be able to create the job and do all the input in the app.

Once created, the electrician sends it back to the office to be processed. From that point, the desktop version basically takes over and the office user will be able to review the job, email it to the customer, print it, and send it to the customer. All this data can also be synced to QuickBooks or PeachTree/Sage for your accounting needs.

Ultimately, the app allows you to record the electrical materials and labor in the field, communicate it back to the office and eliminate errors.

Watch Recorded Webinar

See T&M Mobile App in Action!

This webinar includes an overview of how the mobile app integrates with your desktop software. 

Webinar Slides

These are the slides we shared in the webinar. We didn't have many slides as we focused more on showing how the Time & Material Billing Manager software works with the new T&M Mobile app. Slide 2 shows an overview of the integration between the desktop, mobile app and optionally QuickBooks

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