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Software Update: Electrical Bid Manager v11.2 Build 03.21.18 Released!

In May 2018, we released an update for our electrical estimating software.  This update includes over 40 improvements to the Electrical Bid Manager program.

President of Vision InfoSoft, Derrick Delliquadri and Professional Trainer, Brian Hoffelder discuss the new release of Electrical Bid Manager in this Youtube video.


New EBM Feature Highlights - Build 03.21.18

  • Updated Database, Items/Assemblies - 
    Brian Hoffelder, Vision's training and software development expert, edited the Electrical Bid Manager database to clean up inconsistencies and added items. NECA labor units added and updated on many items. View the Q1 2018 updates here:
  • PlanSwift/On-Screen Takeoff Integration Updates -
    Import table usability improved, symbol sizing improved, conduit and trench relationship improved, and general integration speed and stability improvements.
  • Added: Added notes tool to more takeoff modules.
  • Added: Added more features to the Job Notes tool.
  • Added: Network installations can now auto logout users.
  • Added: Planswift conduit entries made with trench, when deleted, will
    also remove the conduit & trench in EBM.
  • Added: Electrical Bid Manager installer and all EXE/DLL files are "Code
    Signed." Adds new level of security and verification.
  • Fixed: Audit Trail, copied assembly keeps "drawing ref" value
  • Fixed: Trenching now has linear attribute instead of count.
  • And 30+ more: Dozens of additional changes in this upgrade
    See full list of improvements


Fixed Features - Build 03.21.18:

  • Item Cost report includes all items
    • A customer reported that they had an item missing from their Item Cost report. Upon further inspection, we found this happens in some edge cases and fixed the issue.
  • Audit Trail, copied assembly keeps "drawing ref" value
    • In Audit Trail, "drawing ref" was changing when copying assemblies to another breakout
  • Update Labor options in Database top-menu
    • The Update Labor option should disable once completed.
  • Database Reorganization tool improved
    • Optimizations to Database Reorganization tool makes it more useful.

You can learn more about the latest additions to Electrical Bid Manager by viewing the Changelog here.

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