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Are your prices up to par? Ours are…


Are your prices up to par? Ours are.... 

Keeping up with material pricing is a vital part of ensuring your business remains profitable and doesn't lose money on a project. With the current, volatile industry prices, now is a critical time to ensure your material pricing is "up to par", especially the hot commodity items like pipe and wire. Even though it is important, it can also be a very time-consuming task tracking and chasing the data. This part of your business doesn't have to be...

EPIC™ includes a library of over 2 million parts and provides daily updates on the items that matter most. It is incredibly easy to use, and can even include custom pricing from your local supplier(s). EPIC updates your estimating and billing software pricing. You'll save time maintaining your pricing and minimize the need to rely on one supplier's pricing data.

Consequences of Inaccurate Prices:

  • Over bidding and losing jobs
  • Underbidding and losing revenue
  • Overpaying for materials from your supplier
  • Wasting time searching for prices

How Accurate is EPIC? Easy tap in to win!

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.  There are many misconceptions on how a pricing service like EPIC works.

However, here is a brief summary that should answer this question.

  • We are partnered with multiple electrical suppliers across the U.S. They provide us with invoicing data that includes actual prices paid for electrical items.
  • Our price editing team are in constant contact with dozens of electrical manufacturers that share product information and pricing data.
  • Our customers alert us to changes.
  • Our price editing team makes over 500,000 price updates a month on average.
  • EPIC's Target price (discount off Trade) is the most accurate "benchmark" price that can instantly update your estimating database.   Target price is the price you should expect to pay your supplier.
  • Over 20 years of price editing, updating, and managing experience has helped us hone our tools and team to ensure we offer the best pricing data in the industry.

EPIC is a "Hole in One"

EPIC is supplier/wholesaler independent and is a team player on your side. It's a valuable business tool to leverage your profitability, purchasing power, and knowledge. Knowledge is power and if you are smarter and more informed than your supply house, they won't be able to push you around and/or pass whatever pricing they want to you.

Many suppliers are honest and take good care of their customers. However, even the best make mistakes that lead to diminished profit on your jobs.  If you find yourself ordering materials you aren't as familiar with, it often pays to double check the items in EPIC to ensure you are getting a competitive price.

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