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Electrical Estimating Training: The Definitive Guide to Bidding on Larger Jobs

Electrical Estimating Training: How to Set Up for a Winning Bid

Are you an electrical contractor who wants to take on more commercial work? Maybe you’re an electrical estimator who wants to create accurate and more profitable bids.

Brushing up on your electrical estimating training can help you win more jobs, with larger margins.

In this webinar series you’ll learn how to bid on larger and more complex jobs using real world examples.

Our trainer Brian Hoffelder will walk you through bidding on a real-life project: a 43,000 square foot municipal building in Birmingham Alabama. Our first webinar covers all the preparation, coordination and organizing you’ll need to do for a successful bid on a larger job.

You’ll learn how to download plans for the building you’re estimating, how to organize the drawings and correctly set up the bid so that you’re ready to do the takeoff and create the best possible estimate.

You’ll also learn how to budget time to do the takeoff so that you’re able to submit the bid by the deadline. What’s more, our instructor will also help you to create a bid that includes your labor and your profit. Remember to pay yourself!

This webinar covers the following topics:

How to Download and Organize Drawings 

Review Drawings  

Review Specs — look for specific markers that will be cost items in your bid 

Organize Takeoff 

Determine Quotes and Subcontracts Needed 


Determine How Long it will take to do the Takeoff 

Save yourself time and hassle of figuring out how to estimate a large project on your own, and instead watch our electrical estimating training webinar.

Our series also includes Part Two of the Definitive Guide to Bidding on Larger Projects, which shows you how to create an organized takeoff.

And Part Three gives you a checklist of the essential items to review before you submit your bid.

Brian Hoffelder is one of Vision InfoSoft’s co-founders and combines nearly three decades experience in electrical estimating services, software development and software training. His first-hand estimating experience provides a real-world perspective on the most critical skills required for efficient and profitable bidding. 

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