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Gerrety Systems Inc


Tom Gerrety of Gerrety Systems Inc in Wayzata, Minnesota uses Electrical Bid Manager because it's fast and accurate.  

“Anybody that has any electrical estimating experience can estimate an entire skyscraper with the full EBM Pro package. It’s good enough to do whatever you want.” 

Tom Gerrety is the chief estimator at his own company, Gerrety Systems Inc, which typically works on small to medium-large projects for institutional or commercial owners, such as school districts, county, city or state governments, or private developments. With a half dozen electricians his company services the Twin Cities area of Minnesota as a subcontractor on projects worth as much as million dollars.  

Electrical Estimating Software that’s Fast and Accurate 

Accurate, quick bidding is crucial because the majority of jobs that his company works are publicly tendered, which means the bids have to be delivered to the General Contractor in time for the bid deadline. Gerrety says that using EBM means he can put out multiple accurate estimates faster than it takes most people to put out one good, accurate estimate. And that means that he’s able to bid on more projects overall.  

Having used EBM for many years, Gerrety says that following extensive research trying out competitive software, he favors Electrical Bid Manager because it has enough pre-built structure to allow a contractor to build and modify assemblies for the way you like to work.  

He cites the way to take off branch circuits as an example. “EBM has all the framework for a branch circuit. Just fill in the details like what size pipe and what kind of pipe, the number of wires, the type of wire, and the gauge of wire. After assigning a length and the number of terminations, you hit the takeoff button and then you’ve got a complete takeoff done on branch circuiting of a certain type. That is by far the fastest system I’ve seen on the market to do that.” 

EPIC NetPricer Database Protects his Profits

Gerrety recently purchased and began using EPIC NetPricer to allow himself a safety net because of rapid increases in materials costs, particularly pipe and wire. Over the past six months, the cost of certain commodities, like conduit, cable, and wire, has skyrocketed. After updating his database with the EPIC price database, he can feel confident that his buy prices are locked in. EPIC helps Gerrety lock in the best prices before he submits his bid so he knows that his bid will be accurate and protected while it’s being evaluated.  

Gerrety says that he would recommend Electrical Bid Manager to any electrical contractor. “EBM does a really good job. And with the EPIC pricing added in, it’s a comfort to know that pricing is very close to my buy pricing.”