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Peachtree Electrical Services


Dave Gomez is the new Division Manager of Peachtree Electrical Services, a full service electrical contracting company in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Six months ago, he joined the company with the goal of helping to grow the project side of the business.

The company has been around for about 25 years and employs 20 people, including 13 field electricians. Since Gomez joined the company, Peachtree has grown substantially. “One of the tools that really helped me to grow Peachtree was the electrical estimating software that we use, Electrical Bid Manager (EBM).”

Electrical Contractors

Dave Gomez (second from right) and electricians from Peachtree Electrical Services

Investment in Electrical Estimating Software

When Gomez joined the company late in 2020, one of the first investments he made was to purchase a copy of Electrical Bid Manager (EBM), for use as his main estimating software.

The estimating software helps him to be more competitive on his bids, he says.

“Electrical Bid Manager is very user friendly. I can use it to capitalize on our company’s strengths. I simply add the information, and it’s easy to utilize that information to be more competitive. My bids have better numbers overall.”

Successful Bids for Larger Projects

Gomez credits the use of EBM for helping him to win more bids. “I’m up against the same competitors typically and yet I’m getting better at beating them.”

The recent wins for Peachtree include: a ground up project worth $450,000 for Executive Storage, and a project for Wholesale Furniture to fit out an existing building, which is worth $70,000.

Currently Gomez is the only estimator at the company, but with Peachtree growing quickly, he will eventually hire another estimator and will assign some estimating duties to his project managers.

“Of course, I handle all my change orders using EBM. Project managers use it too for that reason. We are going to be hiring a project manager soon who will be able to use it.”

EBM vs. Accubid

His positive experience using Electrical Bid Manager at a previous company convinced Gomez that he wanted to purchase EBM. While he’d also used Accubid in the past, Electrical Bid Manager offered a more modern, up-to-date way to create and manage assemblies.

“It’s easier to build assemblies in Electrical Bid Manager than in Accubid. It’s also easier to create your own custom assemblies in EBM.”

Other Estimating Tools

Another way that Gomez is making his electrical estimating practice smoother and faster is to do all of his takeoffs digitally.  

I’ve used two different types of on-screen takeoff with EBM. One of them being on screen takeoff and the other one is now PlanSwift,  which is the new software I’m currently using. 

Bigger Projects, Bigger Plans for Peachtree 

There have been many positive changes during the past six months at Gomez’s company. “Our business is doing well. It’s really growing nicely, and I honestly feel like part of that is EBM, because it’s helping me win some of these projects. From hospitals to the storage warehouse project and many more.